Are you a small business with under 50 staff, but need more speed and reliability than FTTC (hybrid-fibre) broadband can offer? But you can't justify the costs or demand the full features of a leased line?

UltraBEAM+ could be the service you have been waiting for!

UltraBEAM+ has been exclusively developed by Giganet and we believe it to be the first of its kind. A widely-available, low-cost, full-fibre business broadband package suited to SMEs3.

UltraBEAM+ has been developed by Giganet to sit between our SuperBOLT FTTC broadband and our ELITE leased line services, making UltraBEAM+ ideal for SMEs looking for more speed than what FTTC broadband can provide, but that's significantly more affordable than a similar speed leased line.

Check out the difference between UltraBEAM+ and UltraBEAM?

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Full-fibre 500Mb/s broadband ideal for SMEs

UltraBEAM+ is not available from other Internet providers, and is exclusively available to SMEs located within the three Giganet Local areas of Basingstoke, Salisbury & Winchester.

What makes UltraBEAM+ unique is that it's not based on the very limited Openreach or Virgin FTTP services. This makes UltraBEAM+ the most widely available full-fibre (FTTP) broadband service in these Giganet Local towns and cities.

UltraBEAM+ pricing starts from just £249/month1 for a symmetrical 500Mb/s full-fibre business broadband service, yet it includes 'leased line' style 24x7 support and 6 hour fix.

UltraBEAM+ configured as a 'broadband service' and therefore isn't quite like an uncontended leased line, yet many SMEs don't require this capability as it is overkill for their requirements. However, if requirements change, then another unique benefit of UltraBEAM+ is that we can remotely upgrade the service to become an ELITE uncontended leased line. No-one else can offer this. The only delay is configuring and shipping the managed Juniper router, but this can all take place within 7-14 work days.

UltraBEAM+ headline features

  • 500Mb/s from £249/month1.
  • Full-fibre business broadband package
  • Symmetrical download and upload speeds; 500Mb/s down, 500Mb/s up
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • Over 5,500 postcodes are 'on-net' today
  • FREE standard set-up2
  • 24x7 support and 6 hour fix
  • Gigabit voucher scheme promo pricing offering £50/month saving1, and included Gigabit-capable UniFi Pro firewall
  • Lightly contended - ideal for SMEs compared to expensive uncontended leased lines
  • Can be upgraded in-life remotely to an uncontended & dedicated leased-line Giganet ELITE service

Differences between UltraBEAM and UltraBEAM+

UltraBEAM is Giganet's brand name for full-fibre FTTP broadband. Ultra = Ultrafast, BEAM = fibre.

The UltraBEAM and UltraBEAM+ names may be very similar, but the PLUS + makes a big difference.


  • Not widely-available, ~500 postcodes served from Giganet Local areas as this based on Openreach's limited-available GEA FTTP product.
  • Mainly available in residential areas such as housing estates where Openreach have prioritised the roll-out
  • If it's not available, there's no inexpensive way to get the service
  • Pricing is lowest of all full-fibre broadband services, if you can receive it that is!
  • Speeds are not symmetrical, so 150Mb/s down, 30Mb/s up
  • Fibre is GPON = Gigabit Passive Optical Network - meaning there is a passive fibre optical splitter sharing the fibre to the exchange with other nearby customers
  • Upload speeds are much slower; a maximum of 200Mb/s is possible with our 1Gb/s plan
  • No way to upgrade to a ELITE dedicated & uncontended leased line


  • Widely-available in our Giganet Local areas, in fact, over 5,000 postcodes are 'on-net'
  • Widely-available with limited-to-no set up costs in city/town centres
  • £2,800+VAT installation subsidy if some civils are required to install the service, usually covers most inner-city scenarios
  • Pricing is higher than UltraBEAM+, but much lower than similar-speed ELITE leased lines
  • Gigabit voucher provides discounted rental option
  • Speeds are symmetrical, so 500Mb/s down and 500Mb/s up
  • Fibre is point-to-point between the customer's premises and the exchange, so no GPON splitters
  • Can be upgraded to a dedicated & uncontended ELITE leased line service in-life

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1£249/month is available for businesses that can secure a Gigabit broadband voucher. £299/month usual pricing. Terms apply.
2FREE set up is subject to survey. Giganet will subsidise £2,800+VAT towards the installation costs, but anything extra is chargeable unless you wish to cancel without penalty if extra charges are identified.
UltraBEAM+ is available on a 12m contract for an extra £50/month. The standard UltraBEAM+ contract length is 36m. Pricing advertised relates to 36m terms.
3UltraBEAM+ is a small and medium enterprise (SME) focused product, and therefore isn't available to certain industries and organisations, including organisations with more than 50 staff, education establishments above primary level, or other public sector. We recommend our dedicated and uncontended ELITE leased line services for these. Further terms apply. Please contact us for further details and eligibility requirements.
Pricing excludes VAT at the prevailing rate. Service, pricing and installation are subject to survey. Pricing correct at the time of publication. Please use our availability checker for our latest live pricing, or contact us. Statement saying Giganet are the only ones able to offer this product is correct at the time of publication.