Privacy Policy

Giganet takes your privacy extremely seriously. This privacy policy is designed to help you understand how we collect and use any information you provide, and to help you make informed decisions when doing business with Giganet.

Giganet is a trade name of M 12 Solutions Limited ("M12") (company number 3401975 registered in England and Wales.) M12's principle place of business and registered office is at 3 The Belfry, Solent Business Park, Whiteley, PO15 7FJ.

At Giganet we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers, suppliers, staff, visitors to our website, and all with whom we come into contact during our day to day business. We take your privacy very seriously, and hope that this Privacy Policy will give you more information on why we collect your personal information, how we use it, and how we keep it secure. This Privacy Policy pertains to your use and interaction with our website. Our Privacy Policy for your use of our products and services once you become a customer are contained within the associated service terms and conditions and not this Policy.

Our Principles of Data Protection

Our approach to data protection is built around four key principles. They are at the heart of everything we do relating to personal data.

  1. Transparency: We take a human approach to how we process personal data by being open, honest and transparent.
  2. Enablement: We enable connections and efficient use of personal data to empower productivity and growth.
  3. Security: We champion industry leading approaches to securing the personal data entrusted to us.
  4. Stewardship: We accept the responsibility that comes with processing personal data.
  5. Minimalisation: We only store as much information as is necessary for us to conduct business.

What data we collect and why

  • Main website:
    • We use Google Analytics to help us report traffic statistics, trends and user behaviour. This helps us to improve the website and ensure that it's working optimally. To control what data is sent and processed by Google, please visit their website.
    • We use Lead Forensics to help identify business visitors to our website. They use a variety of sources to match the IP address against a business. We use this data in our sales and marketing department to help contact visitors.
    • Our website server may store all HTTP connection logs including meta data containing your public IP address, source port number, date/time, web page accessed and data transferred. This is used for diagnostics and security purposes.
  • Availability checker
    • When you use our availability checker by entering in a UK postcode and selecting an address and specifying home or business and a promo code (optional), we store this request along with your public IP address, date and time checked. We store this so that we can associate the service availability and quotations against the address for the purposes of generating the quotation, for security and rate limiting to ensure that no one abuses our website, for our sales people to be able to match a potential subsequent enquiry or order against the quote you ran. We store this data even if you then do not subsequently provide your additional personal contact details that are required to reveal the quotation/availability checker results.
    • To reveal the results of the availability checker, we require information from you. This includes your First Name, Last Name, Telephone Number, E-mail address and Company Name (if applicable). We may use this data to follow-up your enquiry with us. We will not sell this data or use this data for any other purpose than contacting you about your Giganet enquiry.
    • In some cases, and if you have not provided your additional personal contact details, or these are falsified, either using the address you select, or by associating the business name that Lead Forensic data may provide, we may make contact you if you are a business even if you have not provided your personal contact details, completed an Order or Enquiry Form. This is to follow-up a possible enquiry.
  • Affiliates:
    • If you have entered our website using an affiliate tracking URL (which has ?aid=[affiliate-code-here] in the URL), then we will have set a cookie with a 20 day expiry period on your device that stores this affiliate code so that we can track your possible availability check enquiries to this affiliate.
    • Any availability checks, completed enquiry forms, and your personal details that you complete via our website during the cookie's validity period may be shared with the affiliate for the purposes of validating their claim to commission if you proceed with an order.
    • Strict data protection rules govern your personal data for any affiliate enquiries to ensure that our affiliate partners strictly only use your data in line with our principles as outlined on this page.
    • To remove the affiliate tracking code, please clear your device/browser's cookies.
    • Please contact us if you no longer wish for your details to be shared with the affiliate or us and we shall delete and instruct our affiliate partner to delete as such.
  • Enquiry, order and other web forms:
    • We have a variety of different contact forms on our website, including Order Forms, Enquiry Forms and other forms. All the data you submit and enter into these forms will be transmitted and shared with us for the purpose described alongside the form.
    • Alongside the data you enter into these forms, we will also transmit your public IP address. This is for security and statistical reasons.
    • For the Service Order and Enquiry Forms, the data is securely transmitted via HTTPs to our Zendesk support centre via an API.
    • For other forms, data is E-mailed and arrives into Zendesk via this method (so not encrypted).
  • Third Parties:
    • We may embed third party elements into the website such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn posts. These elements are controlled by the respective company and their privacy policies.

What data we share

  • Giganet is a trade name and part of M 12 Solutions Limited ("M12"). Therefore your data is stored and processed within M 12 Solutions Limited. Staff at Giganet are employees of M12 Solutions, and we all operate under one roof and are one team!
  • We will never sell your personal details to anyone else outside of Giganet/M12.
  • When you run an availability check, we have to pass your postcode to our wholesale supplier's API to return a list of addresses.  If you then click on an address, we have to pass your postcode and address to our wholesale supplier's API to return a list of broadband and leased line prices available at your location. In both cases, our wholesale suppliers do not see your public IP address, but they will see a request against this address. Our wholesale suppliers will not use this data in any way to market or sell to you, but may store this data for their own logging purposes to make it easier for Giganet to query or order against this or for security or performance reasons.
  • In case Giganet or M12 sell, merge or are acquired, your personal data may be transferred to the new entity. We will let you know if this happens.

Your rights and opting out

  • Main website:
    • Unfortunately there is no automatic way to opt out of certain data logging such as our web server's logs, availability checker requests and any data that you submit via forms. Please refrain from using our website if you are concerned and do not wish for your data to be logged.
  • Third party plugins:
    • For some third party plugins that the website connects to such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, these websites and services have ways that you can opt out of their service logging/tracking you. Please visit their respective websites to learn more about this.


  • Security is a priority for us when it comes to personal data. We are committed to protecting your personal data and have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to ensure that happens.
  • Our website is protected with SSL. Please ensure that your browser sessions is to This means any data you submit via our website will be encrypted between your device and our web server.
  • The availability checker functionality and results between our web server and the third party's API is all encrypted via SSL.
  • Enquiry and order forms are transmitted to our Zendesk support centre using SSL via an API.
  • Any E-mails you send to us are not encrypted.


We will retain your personal data for as long as we have a relationship with you, and for a period of time afterwards where we have an ongoing business need to retain it, in accordance with our data retention practice and current legal requirements.

Your Rights

You have the right to view, amend or delete the personal data that we hold on you. Please send an E-mail to dataprotection [@] with your specific request.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains up to date.