Partner with Giganet

Partner with Giganet to offer your customers the best and most complete connectivity choice.


Learn about the benefits of partnering with Giganet

Giganet offers four methods of partner programme:

1. Wholesale (limited services)

  • This is only available for Giganet Local services provided out of the Basingstoke, Winchester and Salisbury exchanges.
  • We can provide layer 2 connectivity solutions with handoff in the local exchanges, Telehouse North, Telehouse East and Equinix LD8 (Harbour Exchange).
  • You design your service offering. We bill you a discounted wholesale rate.

2. Resale

  • You own the customer, bill, and offer 1st and 2nd line 24x7 support to them. We bill you a discounted reseller rate in light of your extra responsibilities.
  • The customer sees your brand name and you white-label our connectivity services.
  • You will need to have a billing system, but you don't need to build an ISP network.

3. Referral/Affiliate

  • You do the brief selling and advising the customers about the services before we contract with them.
  • Alternatively you can refer visitors to our website using an affiliate tracking link and we can track any orders/enquiries via this.
  • Giganet owns the customer, bills them, and offers 1st, 2nd and 3rd line 24x7 support to them.
  • You receive a one-off commission which relates to the service and term opted for.

4. Partnership

  • We work together collaboratively and pass leads between each other.
  • Giganet owns, bills, supports the connectivity/telecoms services; you own, bill and support the other services provided (e.g. IT, office fit-out, real-estate etc.)
  • No formal arrangement at all; simplest to set up.


See below for more information on each of the above partner methods.

Wholesale Services

Giganet offers wholesale opportunities in our Giganet Local areas

Giganet are currently able to provide wholesale Ethernet services over the Openreach network from the parent exchanges we have unbundled.

We can deliver layer two Ethernet services with handoff locally in the parent exchanges or transported to London in our three data centre presence of Telehouse North, East and Equinix LD8 depending on your requirements.

EAD Local Access, EAD & EAD Extended Range - 10Mb/s, 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s layer two Ethernet circuits

  • Basingstoke
  • Salisbury
  • Winchester

GEA FTTC and FTTP - (GEA FTTC 80/20, FTTP 160/30, FTTP 330/50 layer two GEA)

  • Basingstoke
    • Dummer, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Long Sutton, Monk Sherborne, Oakley, Odiham, Overton, Preston Candover, Turgis Green
  • Winchester
    • Alresford, Harestock, Itchen Abbas, Micheldever, Owslebury, Sparsholt, Sutton Scotney, Twyford
  • Salisbury
    • Alderbury, Broadchalke, Coome Bissett, Downton, Farley, Idmiston, Martin Cross, Middle Woodford, Stapleford, Whiteparish, Wilton, Winterslow, Wylye


Learn about the benefits of reselling Giganet services

Giganet can offer resale opportunities for all hybrid-fibre, full-fibre, and fibre leased lines Giganet connectivity services.

Leverage Giganet's resilient core network backed with Juniper MX and Cisco ASR routers, spread across three of the UK's premium data centres of Telehouse North, Telehouse East and Equinix LD8 (Harbour Exchange).

Resale opportunities:

Giganet Local:

  • Giganet have strategically unbundled Openreach exchanges near our Hampshire based office to provide the most competitive hybrid-fibre and full-fibre broadband based on VDSL2+ and GPON FTTP, as well as fibre Ethernet leased lines.
  • Giganet have installed our own Juniper EX switches in the exchanges and have direct access to the Openreach service portfolio which provides the best levels of expertise, support and pricing.

Giganet CityFibre:

  • Giganet have partnered with CityFibre to offer UK-businesses access to the best alternative full-fibre network compared to the duopoly of Openreach and Virgin.
  • Giganet have negotiated the best commercials from CityFibre to offer a range of business-broadband GPON services, as well as dedicated Ethernet leased lines and point to point circuits.
  • Giganet can even offer dark-fibre CityFibre circuits in select towns and cities across the UK.

Giganet National:

  • For the rest of the UK, Giganet has partnered with leading national broadband and Ethernet leased line networks to offer the best service, speeds and pricing to any home or business in the UK.
  • With Giganet, you will have access to multiple fibre Ethernet providers that have unbundled Openreach exchanges, or own their own physical fibre infrastructure.

Add-on services:

Does you client require a managed Wide Area Network (WAN), automatic failover resiliency with diverse carriers, or fully managed security appliances/firewalls? Giganet can help.

  • MPLS Private WANs - eliminating the need for complex, costly IPSec VPN hardware at each site. Choice of carrier, technology at each site, no VPN overheads.
  • Managed Firewalls - Cisco Meraki MX range of security appliances suiting a range of different bandwidth and user requirements.
  • Resilience - Giganet partners with more carriers and homes its core network across diverse Tier 3 data centres to offer fully engineered, automated failover options that can provide almost five nines of SLA guarantees (99.995%).

Resale Commercials

  • No commitment.
  • No exclusivity.
  • Mutual NDA.
  • You contract with your customer; we have a master services agreement with you.
  • You provide your customer with the provisioning updates that we provide to you.
  • You bill your client; we bill you on 30 days' terms and require payment by Direct Debit.
  • You support your client with 1st and 2nd line support 24x7.
  • You escalate 3rd line issues to us, and we liaise with you for these 24x7.
  • In return, you have access to Giganet's extensive, resilient and fibre-rich broadband and leased line portfolio with great commercials discount compared to our direct rates.

Referral/ Affiliate

Keep things simple with a Giganet Referral/Affiliate arrangement

Don't fancy handling the contractual arrangements, provisioning, billing and support 24x7, then a Giganet Referral/Affiliate arrangement could be ideal for you.

We reward you for referring a new customer to us, and in return you don't have any commitments to make on billing, provisioning or support. It could be a win-win.

Referral/Affiliate Commercials

  • No commitment.
  • No exclusivity.
  • You sell the service to the customer before handing them over to us to sign them up and get their service live.
  • And/or, You refer visitors to our website using an affiliate tracking URL and this way we can track and reward any orders back to you.
  • We handle the sales, provisioning, support and billing.
  • Once their service is live, their first invoice issued, and they've been connected for at least 30-days, we will issue you with a one-off referral commission which is related to the service and contract term selected.


Last but by no means least we can partner with each other

Giganet is always on the lookout for organisations to partner with where complimentary services, similar geography/client base/verticals make it a no-brainer to strike up a 'partnership' arrangement.

Giganet's portfolio naturally compromises connectivity solutions, and our parent company M12 Solutions offers a range of business-telecoms services such as VoIP, phone systems, SIP,  and mobiles. Therefore it makes little sense for telecoms or connectivity businesses to partner with us! - you're better looking at our Wholesale, Resale or Referral plans.

If there are services that we're not providing, but that are complimentary, then we're always open to discussions where we can partner with you and cross-sell services into each other's bases. E.g. IT services, commercial real-estate, office fit out.

The key to this arrangement is trust, quality, impeccable customer service and experience, and reliability.

If you believe there to be an opportunity, please get in touch; we'd love to talk.

Referral Commercials

  • We will only partner with like-minded organisations to us (trust, reliability, quality, integrity, high focus on customer service etc).
  • We will partner with more than one type of company (e.g. two+ IT firms) , but only if their vertical-focus and/or geography-focus doesn't overlap with an existing partner. Otherwise that would not be fair.
  • Mutual NDA required as we'd be sharing client details/requirements/useful information between us.
  • No commitment.
  • No exclusivity.
  • We each own, communicate, bill and support the end-customer for the respective services that we provide.
  • Neither of us benefits financially from the other, other than directly from the end-user for the services contracted.
  • We both appreciate that sometimes, one side of the partnership may receive more leads than the other. The key emphasis is that the partnership approach embodies greater trust and integrity.