Network Diagram

Giganet Network Diagram

Resilient. Scalable. Future-proofed.

Giganet's network has been built with businesses and their demands for high availability and performance in mind.

Our London Core

We've architected our network to be resilient from day-one by locating ourselves in three Tier-3 London Docklands Data Centres:

  • Telehouse North
  • Telehouse East
  • Equinix LD8

These three data centres are the most highly connected data centres or carrier hotels in the UK allowing us to interconnect with Tier-1 transit providers such as GTT and NTT, as well as peer at LINX and LONAP. We have multiple-resilient NNIs with wholesale national Ethernet carriers, and our national UK broadband handoff is multi-homed and resilient.


M12 Giganet Core Network Diagram 2021

Giganet Local - Our geographic network

Our Giganet Local Network is where we have unbundled strategic (BT Plc) Openreach exchanges, including:

In these locations Giganet has replaced the traditional role that TalkTalk, BT Wholesale, SSE, Virtual1 have done in unbundling exchanges! We're now in the exchange alongside them. We're providing our own connectivity services to end customers using Openreach's fibre Ethernet circuits. We're reducing supply-chains, improving lead times and communications and offering greater value to customers in areas near our HQ in Hampshire.

For the techies - We're AS198440

We're AS198440 and we are proud to peer with many leading content providers, MSPs and VoIP providers. You can see our PeeringDB record here.

Hardware & Monitoring

Carrier-grade. Always.

The best carrier-grade hardware

Our network features carrier grade hardware at its core:

  • Juniper MX 3D routers - core routing & transit
  • Juniper EX switches - aggregation, server, and storage area networking
  • Cisco ASR routers - broadband LAC/LNS
  • Dell PowerEdge R630 servers - monitoring servers, API servers, portals, Giganet internal IT systems
  • Dell MD Storage Area Network - resilient RAID6 replicated storage for our servers

Resilience and Monitoring

Constant monitoring and improvements

With NetShield we proactively monitor over 1,500 core network sensors across 10s of core network devices resulting in over 2,400,000 scans each day!

These include Ping, Jitter, Packet Loss, Network Throughput, CPU, Memory, Disk space, NetFlow every minute of every day.

We also ensure that all our core sites have the best-in-class out of band resilience gateways from Opengear.

Giganet Local

Direct Access. Best Pricing. Open Communication.

We're right alongside the largest providers

We have our own equipment installed in three (BT) Openreach exchanges, and our comms racks are right alongside the big providers in the UK.

Due to Ofcom regulations, Openreach ensures that all Communications Providers (CPs) are afforded the same access and pricing to their network, without any special terms.

Giganet has relished this opportunity and provides key benefits to customers located within our Giganet Local footprint.

  • Best pricing as we've reduced the supply chain
  • Reduced supply chain as we're avoiding using wholesale providers
  • Innovative services such as our UltraBEAM+ and high bandwidth FTTP 500Mb/s and 1Gb/s services
  • Open communication as we've reduced the supply chain, we're speaking directly with the installation engineers
  • Expertise we've gone to the lengths of installing equipment in the exchange, and running our network, so we're committed to providing customers with expert service

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