Network Diagram

Giganet Network Diagram

Resilient. Scalable. Future-proofed.

Giganet's network has been built with businesses and their demands for high availability and performance in mind.

We've architected the network to be resilient from day-one by locating ourselves in three Tier-3 London Docklands Data Centres:

  • Telehouse North
  • Telehouse East
  • Equinix LD8

These three data centres are the most highly connected data centres or carrier hotels in the UK allowing us to interconnect with Tier-1 transit providers such as GTT and NTT, as well as peer at LINX and LONAP. We have multiple-resilient NNIs with wholesale national Ethernet carriers, and our national UK broadband (ADSL/FTTC/P/G.Fast) handoff is multi-homed and resilient.

Our network features carrier grade hardware at its core:

  • Juniper MX 3D routers - core routing & transit
  • Cisco ASR routers - broadband LAC/LNS

We proactively monitor over 1,000 core network sensors across tens of core network devices. These include Ping, Jitter, Packet Loss, Network Throughput, CPU, Memory, Disk space, NetFlow every minute of every day.


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