MPLS or Private WAN


Dedicated. Secure. Scalable.

MPLS or PWAN provides a secure and private Wide Area Network (WAN) between your various site locations. This mans there is no need or overhead for IPSec VPNs and the associated expensive hardware at each location.

Giganet provides a fully-managed & proactive-monitored carrier-grade Juniper SRX router at each site location and configures this to be a member of your dedicated MPLS PWAN.

MPLS is available on all types of connectivity services across the UK:

  • ELITE and IGNITE fibre and hybrid-fibre leased lines
  • SuperBOLT and UltraBEAM hybrid and full-fibre broadband
  • Giganet Local, CityFibre, District, National services

As Giganet run our own network and all connections are layer 2 to this network, we are in control to engineer MPLS/PWAN connectivity between your sites.

MPLS or Private WAN

MPLS Features

Flexible. High-performing. Fully-managed.

  • Fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • RFC1918 addressing over broadband and leased line connections
  • Uncontended bandwidth
  • Unlimited data transfers
  • Native MTU of 1500 or 1492 Bytes for leased line and broadband respectively
  • Proactive monitoring with NetShield
  • Managed QoS options
  • Managed backup options
  • Cloud hosted firewalls options
  • Private interconnects to AWS, Azure or your existing data centre(s)