Support FAQs

All queries relating to support, SLAs and faults. Inclding what to do if you experience a fault and what level of support you will receive with a Giganet connection.

  • What level of support do I get from Giganet as a business customer?

    Unlike most other business broadband providers, Giganet offer 24x7x365 support with a 6 hour SLA for resolving critical issues, even for FTTC/FTTP broadband circuits. Most other providers do not offer this standard of care for broadband circuits and instead focus on price being the main factor for their service. Connectivity is so critical to organisations that we only offer the highest available standard of care and service with our broadband services.

    ELITE (leased line) connections feature a proactively managed & monitored Juniper router, allowing us greater insight into the health and performance of your circuit. This means that in the unlikely event of any line issues, we would be alerted and able to resolve the issue, probably before you even realise there is a problem.

  • What are your SLAs (Service Level Agreements)?

    SLAs vary depending on the connection type you have:

    • Local, National, Glide and CityFibre ELITE: 6 clock hours for logical faults.
    • Local, National and CityFibre SuperBOLT, SuperBEAM and UltraBEAM: 6 clock hours for logical faults.
    • Glide SuperBOLT, UltraBEAM: 8 working hours for logical faults.
  • Can I have more than 1 static IP address?

    For all broadband services, including SuperBOLT, SuperBEAM, UltraBOLT and UltraBEAM services, Giganet provides 1 IPv4 static IP address.

    For all leased line services, including IGNITE and ELITE services, Giganet provides up to a /29 block of IPv4 static IP addresses as standard at no extra charge.

    Additional IPv4 addresses are available for broadband and leased line services, subject to limits (/29 for broadband and /27 for leased lines), Giganet approval, extra charges (£3/IP/month) and after an IP justification form has been completed.

    Complete the IP justification form now.

  • How do I report a fault?

    For critical faults such as connection down, severe performance degradation or security issues, please contact us ASAP by logging a support ticket and then immediately following this up with a phone call to 0345 265 2222. Critical support tickets are handled 24x7x365 and responded to in line with your service’s SLAs.

    If you have a less critical issue, we recommend you log a support ticket, for these issues we do not respond 24x7x365, but will respond promptly within business hours.

    Log a support ticket.

  • Who do I call if I have a critical fault out of hours?

    You will need to call our support line on 0345 265 2222. Our out of hours call answering service will take your details before raising this with our on-call duty engineer who will contact you back. Depending on the nature of the fault, our duty engineer will raise this with the underlying carrier for further investigation. If the problem is relating to the Juniper router we have supplied, or configuration, then our engineers will be responsible for these faults.