Ordering FAQs

All queries relating to ordering. Including placing your order, the order process and cancelling your previous connection.

  • How do I order?

    Our website has been designed to offer you instant service availability and pricing information, for broadband (BOLT/BEAM products) as well as our leased lines (ELITE products). All of these can be ordered online where the Order button appears next to the service. Once we receive a web order, we will validate your details, confirm that the service meets your requirements and set expectations. Then we will send a formal DocuSign electronic contract to confirm the order.

  • What if a type of connection is not available in my area?

    Although our website availability checker and internal tools are sophisticated, sometimes there are circumstances which make it impossible, more difficult or more expensive to deliver the service you ordered. A site survey, as part of the provisioning process, will identify issues like this. If there are any, then don’t worry as we will not hold you to the contract and we can advise on your options. Giganet has the widest selection of carriers and services in the market, so we’re confident we will have something alternative available.

  • When should I cancel my existing connection?

    If we’re provisioning a new service alongside an existing, then we recommend at least a 2 to 4 week overlap before ceasing your existing service, that is if you no longer require this original connection.

    Our order provisioning team will keep you updated along the way and set expectations on when your new service will go live. However dates can slip, even at the last minute, so we always recommend erring on the side of caution.

    Please ask us if you’re uncertain about the estimated dates your new connection should go live.

  • Do you cancel my existing connection?

    For our BOLT and BEAM broadband products, we can migrate your existing connection to our Giganet network as long as we are taking over your existing line. We can also provide a new line at a small additional charge if you didn’t want us to use your existing line for any reason. Our sales teams will be able to advise you.

    For leased line (or ELITE services), these cannot typically be migrated, and so we will be provisioning a new service alongside your existing service. This means that there will ultimately be a period of overlap, allowing you time and easing the pressure of the switch.

    In all cases, check your notice period and any automatic contract rental clauses, many in the industry require up to 90 days’ notice for cancellation, and can automatically renew you into a new 12 month period if you forgot. Don’t get caught out!

  • What happens once I’ve placed an order?

    Our dedicated provisioning & ordering team will get involved with your order once the formalities of the contracts have been dealt with. They will be able to update you on your order progress as new information is received and answer any questions you have on the process. Depending on the service you have ordered, the lead time can be from as little as 10 working days, to 65 working days for fibre leased lines (ELITE services).

  • Who do I speak to at Giganet throughout the process?

    You will speak to someone in our sales/customer service department initially, they will be able to advise and provide quotes for any services you’re interested in. If you decide you would like to proceed with a quote, a contract will be sent to you via DocuSign.