Installation FAQs

All queries relating to installation for all order types, including engineer visits, ECCs, wayleaves and lead times.

  • What are the lead times for installations?

    Subject to survey and wayleaves:

    • Local/National SuperBOLT – typically around 2-3 weeks
    • Glide SuperBOLT – typically 20 working days
    • Local UltraBEAM – typically around 10 working days
    • CityFibre UltraBEAM – Typically 45 working days
    • Glide UltraBEAM – typically 65 working days
    • UltraBEAM on Demand – typically around 100 working days+ (most complex)
    • Local/National ELITE – typically around 65 working days
    • Glide ELITE – typically 65 working days
    • CityFibre ELITE – typically 45 working days
  • Will a Giganet engineer visit me at the premises?

    Unless otherwise stated, all Giganet services are remotely provisioned. Pre-configured hardware is shipped to your office (if included with your service) for you to connect up after the underlying service has been installed. Quick start guides and telephone-based go-live help is provided as standard. If you feel like you would benefit from an engineer visiting to assist with the connection and go-live testing, we can provide a quote for the visit and arrange a suitable date if you contact our Giganet team.

  • What are ECCs (Excess Construction Charges)?

    Depending on how much work needs to be carried out to complete your installation, there may be some ECCs involved. On some connections there’s a threshold/allowance before you will be required to fund them. For Local ELITE and most National ELITE services this threshold is £2,800+VAT. ECCs usually become apparent and are confirmed after the surveys have taken place. The survey usually completes 3-5 weeks after your order has been processed. You will be notified if you have ECCs involved (that exceed the threshold if applicable) after the planning stage is confirmed. Once we notified you of the ECCs you then have the option of whether you want to continue with the installation or not. If there are no ECCs involved, the installation will automatically proceed.

  • What is the CityFibre ELITE, UltraBEAM and Point to Point order process?

    Typically a standard CityFibre installation is 45 working days. Once your order has been received, initial remote surveys will be conducted before arranging a physical site survey. Then the final planning will be confirmed and completed. If there are any ECCs (excess construction charges) we will be made aware of these and you will either need to agree them or cancel the order at this point. If they are agreed or there are no ECCs applicable to your order, you order will progress into the build phase. CityFibre will send out any wayleaves/permissions applicable for the installation. In most, if not all cases, wayleaves will apply to CityFibre connections. It’s therefore imperitive that you provide the correct contact details and make the relevant person(s) know about the wayleaves. Once the wayleave contracts have been completed, your order will progress to the build phase before the fit and test visit is arranged for the fibre to be terminated in your premises. Our Giganet team will ensure all configurations are correct once CityFibre have handed the line over to us.

  • Will an engineer visit for my UltraBEAM installation?

    This will depend on the installation type for your area, but it’s likely that an engineer will need to visit. That’s unless you’re in a new build area and the fibre has already been terminated in your premises. It’s also very likely that you will need to have a survey during the planning stage of your order. For more information on UltraBEAM/FTTP please click HERE.

  • Will an engineer visit for my SuperBOLT installation?

    It’s unlikely that an engineer will need to come to your premises. They may need to visit the local street-side hybrid fibre cabinet depending on which current connection type you have, but mostly it can be activated remotely.

  • What are wayleaves and will I be affected?

    Wayleaves are permissions that are sent to landowners when as part of the installation process engineers need to cross their land (typically installing a new duct for fibre into a building from the roadside). The providers Giganet works with all have Code Powers ensuring that they can cross public land with ‘relative ease’, but on private property permission from the landowner is required. If a building already has a fibre connection or duct with the provider being used, then a wayleave will not usually be required.

    Typically wayleaves are required for ELITE and UltraBEAM connections. Sometimes they can cause delays and add to the typical lead times as we are relying on a third party to athorise the legal wayleave contract. If landlords insist on using their own solicitors and/or agents for this process, additional costs and delays will arise. If the landlord details are incorrect, or permission is handed around between tenant, to agent to landlord to solicitors, then more delays and complexity can arise.

  • What stages are involved in Giganet Local/National ELITE installations?

    With ELITE (leased line) installations there will be initial remote surveys and usually an on-site survey before planning is complete. Then you will go through the infrastructure build stage before having a ‘fit and test’ visit where engineers will blow the fibre into the premises and terminate it with their equipment. As fibre installations are complex, ELITE connections can sometimes be delayed due to wayleaves, permissions and civil engineering works. For more information on the ELITE order process please click HERE.

  • How long does it take to have UltraBEAM installed?

    Unfortinately, there is no minimum lead time, but typically it is around 3 months for UltraBEAM on Demand services. However this is very likely to change depending on the work involved in the install.

    For standard UltraBEAM installations it can also vary, but could be from 2 weeks depending on area type. For more information on FTTP/UltraBEAM please click HERE.

  • Who will you contact during the installation/order process?

    We will ask you to confirm your primary ‘on the day’ and secondary contacts with us at the point of ordering.