Account FAQs

All queries relating to your account, including making payments, termination and notice periods.

  • How do I make payments?

    You will set up a direct debit with us at the point of ordering/signing the contracts with us.

  • What happens when my contract term finishes with you?

    At Giganet we’re passionate about being proactive with our customers. This means that our customer service team usually contacts customers with ELITE (leased line services) prior to the end of the initial term, outlining renewal and/or upgrade options. If there is no correspondence in either direction, then the existing service will auto-renew into a new minimum period; this is usually a further 12 month term, however this could be different depending on the contract terms. Please see the original order contract and terms and conditions for further details.

  • Can I pay by any other method rather than direct debit?

    Sadly not.

    To provide the most competitive prices and for automation, Direct Debit is required for all customers.

    Customers are protected with the Direct Debit guarantee.

  • How can I find out my notice period?

    Your order form will usually specify this, but if you no longer have access to this or require confirmation, please contact us by email or phone.

  • How do I give notice if I want to terminate my connection?

    At Giganet we hope that you wouldn’t want to leave us and we would encourage you to call a member of our team to discuss your specific situation before lodging a cancellation request. Termination letters must be sent by recorded mail to our address, or emailed to us to be officially lodged. This can only be done by an authorised account holder on company headed paper if by post.

    Please ensure you’re aware of any minimum terms and notice periods attached to your service. Giganet often has to fall in line with our carriers and suppliers for these, and we have to pass this onto our customers.

    If you are relocated or downsizing, please contact us as there are often ways we can help mitigate early termination challenges if this scenario arises.

  • When are direct debit payments taken?

    Our standard monthly direct debit run is taken on or around the 16th of the month. Please be aware that TMS Solutions and or M12 Solutions may show up on your bank statement against the payment. This is because Giganet is from M12 Solutions and we use TMS Solutions to process direct debit payments.

  • How can I change my direct debit?

    You just need to contact us and we can send you a new direct debit mandate to fill out electronically.