Wessex Chalk Stream & Rivers Trust

Wessex Chalk Stream & Rivers Trust

The Wessex Chalk Stream & Rivers Trust (WCSRT) is an environmental charity dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the fragile and globally important chalk-based ecosystems of rivers in the Wessex region. Recent growth of the organisation meant that they needed to move into an office for the first time. In September, they found a spot on the outskirts of Salisbury.

They needed a connection that would enable fast communication and therefore improve productivity and collaboration, but the connections available did not support that. We have equipment in the Salisbury exchange and so recommended a FTTP SuperBEAM 80/20 local connection. FTTP was available in the area near to their office. The order was placed in October and the fibre infrastructure was extended to their business in November.

Their Testimonial

Martijn Antheunisse is the Director of WCSRT and says, “With the fibre internet up and running we are now making maximum use of our office. All our files and data are in the cloud, and we exchange a lot of digital information with our partner organisations on a daily basis.  Therefore fast internet is essential to our organisation, not just a nice-to-have.”

WCSRT Giganet Internet Fast Speeds