Carter Community School

Carter Community School

Carter Community School in Dorset are a customer of our parent company M12 Solutions for their phone system. We initially installed a Splicecom IP phone system, to run on SIP trunks over their existing 100Mb/s Leased Line connection. The SIP Trunks enable the school to save money and future-proof their telephony. The rental costs for SIP trunks are typically 50% less than ISDN so the school are taking advantage of significant monthly savings by switching to SIP.

More recently, they realised they required more bandwidth as they are moving more services to the Cloud. Despite being in contract with their current provider, they reached out to us for pricing for a connection with more bandwidth. We quoted a 200Mb/s on 1Gb/s bearer and were able to save them a considerable amount of money. So they decided to go ahead with our connection.

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Carter Community School Case Study M12 Solutions Giganet

Their Testimonial

The internet is critical for their school, so Jamie Stevens, Carter Community School's Network Manager wanted to add a  FTTC circuit as a failover. This means that in the event of any disruption or an outage, their connection will seamlessly move over to the backup line and leave the school virtually unaffected.

Jamie says, “Giganet and M12 have been incredibly professional all the way through the project and have provided fantastic ongoing support. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future and building a strong business relationship.”