Buckland Development Ltd.

Buckland Development Ltd.

Buckland Development Ltd are a Hampshire based property development business, established in 2006.

When they approached us, Buckland had a FTTC connection which did not provide them with the required speed, reliability or consistency of service to allow their business to operate efficiently. Buckland’s offices are located in Winchester, which is one of our Giganet Local areas. This is beneficial for them, because it means we were able offer them a solution at a competitive price, plus the company was eligible for a government voucher towards their installation costs too. After a discussion about their needs, we installed a Local ELITE 300 leased line into their premises.

The installation was quick and without any issues, so the team at Buckland were really pleased. They are no longer hindered by intermittent or slow connectivity and can use all their applications with ease. Having a Gigabit capable leased line installed has future-proofed their connectivity for many years to come.

Their Testimonial

"After experiencing some issues with our previous line we upgraded to a dedicated Giganet ELITE Leased Line service and are pleased to say that the speed, bandwidth and reliability improvements provided by Giganet have been welcomed by all members of the team, enabling us to work more efficiently and providing us with a future proofed service that can adapt to our needs as we grow."

Paul Lambert, Director

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